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Private Practice/Recap/Episode 1

Posted in Addison Montgomery, Blog News, Private Practice, Recaps by karingkare on October 5, 2008

Family and Friends…

Oh my could they have given us any more in this first episode?

I love Addison.  She is just a no nonsense type of woman and Dr.  She definitely can pull someone out of the grey area and put them where they are supposed to be.
Naomi is having trouble opening up and delegating.

DELL QUITS…oh no!  I hope he is coming back.

Violet, she is going to have to let go of Cooper.  Although I think they are so well suited for each other.
Cooper, well, we all know that he still is seeing Dr. Charlotte King from the hospital.  At least by the end of the episode she says they can go away together.
Pete, such a disappointment that he waited so long to go after Addison, and now she is moving on with a SWAT team guy…hmmmm.
Sam loves Naomi.  He also loves the Practice.  Will be interesting to see how things go now that he has taken charge.
The Practice is definitely in trouble and they all know they need/want to make it work.
What is going to happen?
Will be interesting to watch.
Issues such as Cord Blood and engineering I.T.F.
HIV in children and how it is addressed.
I think in spite of all the chaos at the PRactice they were able to find a common ground.

Well Wednesday is almost upon us.  See you then.


Recap of Grey’s/Season 5 Episode 1

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Fairy Tales & Dreams…Frogs-kisses-Princes-Princesses

Who would have thought that our Cristina would/could find someone again.  I think Dr. Badass, as she called him has come to save the day.  Dr. Owen Hunt is going to be a great asset to the Seattle Grace Chaos.  Cristina eating cereal in the dream?  Reminder of Season 3 when Burke had invited Mer & Der over for dinner and Cristina was eating cereal and Mer told Burke he had to feed her or she would starve…to see her say that to Mer in the dream as they are aged…awesome.

And yes, of course Mer is dreaming that her Prince is dead.  She fights trusting that she can be happy.

I loved this episode. They packed lots in a short time.  Meredith wants her “HappyEverAfter” and she needs Cristina to be there while she gets it.  Friends. Derek had a stalkerish time  with Rose.  Thankfully she is going to be gone.  Well at least on Peds floor.

Mark, he is looking for a Princess.  Hmmm wonder if he & Lexie might be the hookup.  Although she thinks she is in love with George.

Alex, he just seems to be such a lost soul.  Just when you think he is making progress and coming out of his shell and opening up, he goes into hiding again.  He can be a good guy.

Izzie, she is just a damsel in distress.  Not sure who her Prince will be.  She still has Denny hidden in her heart.

George, he is finding his own.  Will be good when he finally takes that test again and gets caught up with the rest of his friends.

Chief, he is getting his grits back, so to speak.  He knows he has been slack and he is taking responsibility for it and he will have Seattle Grace back to number one teaching center and soon.

Dr. Bailey.  What is there not to love?

Erica & Callie?  Well they are starting slow and time will tell what happens.

The 3 older Princesses in their Ball Gowns in an Ice Storm….how great did they do?

Thursday is coming and it looks like a promising episode.

Have a great week.

Catching up with the Drs.

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Tomorrow I will give my RECAP of last week’s 2 hour premier.


The $16 Million Reason KH Reportedly Wants off Grey’s..

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The $16 Million Reason Katherine Heigl Reportedly Wants Off Grey’s
The Business Sheet, NY – 5 hours ago
After its fifth season debuted to 18.5 million viewers last Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy should be able to keep its cast members in the money for years.

Who’s the Hot New Doc on Grey’s?

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Who’s the Hot New Doc on Grey’s Anatomy?
About – News & Issues, NY – 7 hours ago
When Grey’s Anatomy returned last week, a new character arrived in a dramatic way, instantly connecting with Cristina — and with viewers.

Thoughts: Dream A Little Dream of Me

Posted in Grey's News, Recaps by El Guru on September 26, 2008

Here we are, Season 5! It just seems like yesterday I saw my first episode of Grey’s. Actually, it was during the summer of 2005 and it was a rerun of a season 2 episode. My first thought it why did they had cram so many story lines into one episode. Yes it was a two-hour episode, but still there was a lot too much happening. I am not going to cover everything, mainly because I cain’t remember it all (too bad the DVR is in the other room).

First off I was sure glad that Meridith’s dream was just that. I was thinking “Oh great, we’re going back to the season 3 theme of killing off characters” and was so close to changing the channel. But somehow I knew she had to be dreaming, I mean it was only the first few minutes, no one really dies in the first few minutes.

The main theme, the three ladies in limo and their husbands in another, was a bit much. Trying to keep up with six characters got to be a bit ‘tedious’ at times. Reminded me too much of the “Grey’s Event” multipart episodes from Season 3 (Six Days) Season 4 (Crash into Me). Then throw in a few other story lines such as Meridith, Christina & Derek, George & Lexi, Erica and Callie and even Rose. It is enough to make me want to pull my hair out.

As usual the writer add some comic relief, and boy did they need some in this episode. The EMT soldier was great and would kind like to see him as a regular. Richard (The Chief) sure would and even offered him a job at Seattle Grace on the spot. Alex had the line of the night when he was in CT room with Izzie doing the scan on the lady who’s memory reset every 30 seconds. “You’re on a spaceship…enjoy the ride!” Also liked how they were encouraging the wives to ‘steal’ their husbands from the other hospital. Then there was Bailey and the clock with the “wrong time”, nice to see a lighter side of Bailey again.

Oddly enough, I am not sorry to see Rose go. She’s been a thorn in Derek’s side and a hindrance on his and Meridith’s relationship (whatever that might be at the moment). We did learn an important lesson about her though, don’t make her mad. Especially when she is handing sharp instruments! Luckily Derek’s hand was only a flesh wound, don’t need another repeat of Burke.

Christina sure had to endure a lot in this episode. Putting up with Meredith would turn out to be the least of her problems. Wonder how much she is going to put up with being belittle by Erica Hahn before she changes her specialty/field or even leaves Seattle Grace (hope not). Slipping on the ice and falling flat on her back could happen, but then being impaled by a falling icicle is a bit far fetched. But, then this is Grey’s where strange things happened.

I am not saying it was bad episode, just a bit ‘busy’. Looking forward to the new season of Private Praratice next Wednesday (October 1st). I need someting lighter and simpler after this episode of Grey’s. I hope when Grey’s does return in two weeks, things will have calmed down a bit.

Grey’s & Private Practice Updates

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Season Premiers
Grey’s: Season 5 Starts on September 25th!
Private Practice: Season 2 Starts on October 1st!

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Fourth Season — September 9th

Private Practice: The Complete First Season — September 16th

Grey’s Season 4 Coming to DVD

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Season 4 of Grey’s will be released on DVD on September 9th.  You can pre-order it now at

Heigl withdraws self from Emmy’s

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Heigl says no thanks, Emmy, it’s undeserved

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Katherine Heigl won’t be chewing her manicure at this year’s Emmy ceremony: She says she didn’t seek a nomination because “Grey’s Anatomy” failed to deliver the goods for an award-worthy performance.

Heigl, who was honored as best supporting actress in a drama last year for the ABC series, declined to put her name in consideration for a bid, a spokeswoman for the actress said Wednesday.

“I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization” decided against competing, Heigl said in a written statement provided by her publicist, Melissa Kates, who was contacted by the AP.

Season 4 Finale Tonight

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A reminder the 2-hour season finale is tonight! Note: this is TWO one-hour episodes (Freedom Part 1/Part 2) that will be shown back-to-back.  More info at