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Recap of Grey’s/Season 5 Episode 1

Posted in Blog News, Grey's Characters, Grey's News, Grey's On TV, McDreamy, Recaps, by karingkare on October 5, 2008

Fairy Tales & Dreams…Frogs-kisses-Princes-Princesses

Who would have thought that our Cristina would/could find someone again.  I think Dr. Badass, as she called him has come to save the day.  Dr. Owen Hunt is going to be a great asset to the Seattle Grace Chaos.  Cristina eating cereal in the dream?  Reminder of Season 3 when Burke had invited Mer & Der over for dinner and Cristina was eating cereal and Mer told Burke he had to feed her or she would starve…to see her say that to Mer in the dream as they are aged…awesome.

And yes, of course Mer is dreaming that her Prince is dead.  She fights trusting that she can be happy.

I loved this episode. They packed lots in a short time.  Meredith wants her “HappyEverAfter” and she needs Cristina to be there while she gets it.  Friends. Derek had a stalkerish time  with Rose.  Thankfully she is going to be gone.  Well at least on Peds floor.

Mark, he is looking for a Princess.  Hmmm wonder if he & Lexie might be the hookup.  Although she thinks she is in love with George.

Alex, he just seems to be such a lost soul.  Just when you think he is making progress and coming out of his shell and opening up, he goes into hiding again.  He can be a good guy.

Izzie, she is just a damsel in distress.  Not sure who her Prince will be.  She still has Denny hidden in her heart.

George, he is finding his own.  Will be good when he finally takes that test again and gets caught up with the rest of his friends.

Chief, he is getting his grits back, so to speak.  He knows he has been slack and he is taking responsibility for it and he will have Seattle Grace back to number one teaching center and soon.

Dr. Bailey.  What is there not to love?

Erica & Callie?  Well they are starting slow and time will tell what happens.

The 3 older Princesses in their Ball Gowns in an Ice Storm….how great did they do?

Thursday is coming and it looks like a promising episode.

Have a great week.


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  1. TVFanNYC said, on October 6, 2008 at 7:50 am

    Here’s a sneak peek of “Here comes the flood”… since you mentioned it.

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