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Private Practice/Recap/Episode 1

Posted in Addison Montgomery, Blog News, Private Practice, Recaps by karingkare on October 5, 2008

Family and Friends…

Oh my could they have given us any more in this first episode?

I love Addison.  She is just a no nonsense type of woman and Dr.  She definitely can pull someone out of the grey area and put them where they are supposed to be.
Naomi is having trouble opening up and delegating.

DELL QUITS…oh no!  I hope he is coming back.

Violet, she is going to have to let go of Cooper.  Although I think they are so well suited for each other.
Cooper, well, we all know that he still is seeing Dr. Charlotte King from the hospital.  At least by the end of the episode she says they can go away together.
Pete, such a disappointment that he waited so long to go after Addison, and now she is moving on with a SWAT team guy…hmmmm.
Sam loves Naomi.  He also loves the Practice.  Will be interesting to see how things go now that he has taken charge.
The Practice is definitely in trouble and they all know they need/want to make it work.
What is going to happen?
Will be interesting to watch.
Issues such as Cord Blood and engineering I.T.F.
HIV in children and how it is addressed.
I think in spite of all the chaos at the PRactice they were able to find a common ground.

Well Wednesday is almost upon us.  See you then.


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