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About Us

Grey’s Anatomy Addicts~Plus started out as a community discussions forum on Delphi Forums in October 2006. In March 2007, we redesigned and relaunched our website plus added this blog. This blog is operated by Al (TheGuru) and karen (iluvgreys).

About Al (TheGuru)
I stumbled upon Grey’s Anatomy one Sunday evening midway through the Season 2 reruns during the summer of 2006. Another one of those shows where I only had to see it once to become hooked. Not sure what drew me in if it was the great cast, the excellent story lines (such an amazing job by the writers) or the large variety of music in each episode. I suppose it was a combination of all of these that got me addicted. I am also the blogger of our sister blog Fx Extension Guru’s Blog.

About karen (iluvgreys)
Addicted to Grey’s Anatomy since the very first Episode, first Season. March 27, 2005, Easter Sunday, a major event had taken place in my life! I was basking in the joy of having family re-enter my life. Evening came and at that time I didn’t have any particular favorite TV show on Sundays. Little did I know what was to happen. Sitting here in my apt I decided to turn the TV on and this new show Grey’s Anatomy came on. I WAS HOOKED! I loved the theme song, the colors, and the characters. Dealing with health issues myself, I can relate to much of the medical jargon that is used. What I know, Shonda Rhimes (creator) and her fine staff of Writers stay true to form (as much is possible) when relating to the medical cases on the show. The Actors/Actresses are such wonderful people in their lives off the set and that is another reason I have and continue to stay engrossed with Grey’s Anatomy. The Music. Absolutely amazing at the gifted artists.

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