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Can Private Practice Handle the Competition?

Posted in Grey's On TV, Private Practice by El Guru on June 20, 2007

Seems as if Buddy TV does not have much fate for the Grey’s Spin-Off Private Practice

The Grey’s Anatomy spin off “Private Practice” was the stuff of legend before it finally aired. No one knew what it would look like; how it would contrast with Grey’s Anatomy yet retain its progenitor’s sale ability. The very concept of Spinning off Grey’s seemed far fetched given its quirky unmistakable uniqueness. Once Private Practice finally arrived, it walked in on a room full of Grey’s fans that were for the most part not receptive. Could Private Practice be doomed from the start?

ABC is either overwhelmingly confident, or in a rush to euthanize the Kate Walsh vehicle. Firstly, it is being placed in one of the most hotly contested time slots of the week; Wednesday at 9:00pm est. Currently the slot is owned by CBS’s police procedural “Criminal Minds,” which quite famously dominated LOST before the show was shifted to its 10:00pm slot. On NBC’s side of things, Private Practice will be squaring off with the remake of “Bionic Woman” from Battlestar Galactica co-producer David Eick.

Personally, I could care less about Criminal Minds or for that matter Bionic Woman.  However for me, this time slot at least until Day Light Savings Time ends (we don’t observe DST in Arizona) would compete with Discovery Channel’s Myth Busters. But then again all this doesn’t much matter as with my new job I will be working until 11:00 PM Sundays-Thursdays.


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