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Recap: Don’t We Almost Have It All?

Posted in Recaps by El Guru on June 18, 2007

Okay it has been a while since the season finale. Unfortunately, both Karen and myself have had some personal/family issues occupying all of our time recently. I have been wanting to get this recap done for quite some time…just never had the time. I do now, so here goes…

Yikes, what a way to end the season. First off I had no idea it was going to be a longer episode than the usual hour. One advantage to watching Grey’s live. As the hour was nearly up I was thinking, “this is the season finale right?” It was then I realized yes it was and this episode was not over yet.

Where the heck to begin. I guess with Adel and The (now retired) Chief. With the way things were going this season I was really hoping they were not going to kill off Adele. Thankfully she survived, but her baby didn’t make it. Considering she was in her 50’s, though sad, she is lucky the baby is all she lost.

Then there is poor George. I almost think the cliff-hangers involving George were more dramatic than that of Burke-Tina (more on them later). It is obvious Izzie still has feelings for George and one wonders if he still has feelings for her. However, I wondering what Callie knows about them two…Izzie was sitting alone in the church and they show Calli approaching Izzie but that is the end of that. Meanwhile how in the world did George manage not to pass his ‘final exam’? Of course the death of his father may have played a large role into this as well.

So George is left with two options, give up and leave Seattle Grace or start his residency over again. I was thinking about this, how bad could it be to start over? But this isn’t like being held back a grade or having to repeat a course in college (been there/done that on both accounts). This is a 3-year program where your resident-mates (is there such a word) are like your family. It almost seems like George wants to give up, but then again there is new kid, Lexi Grey (Meridith’s half-sister) on the block…This should be interesting.

The race for the chief positions. Chief of Residency went to Callie instead of Bailey, odd move in my opinion. Preston was told he was the top choice until the point where he lied and hid the fact he was having troubles with his hand. Addison is likely leaving Seattle Grace (see Recap: The Other Side of This Life) for her own Private Practice.  So who’s left, well there is Colin Marlowe (never cared from him), Mark Sloan or Derek (McDreamy).  The Chief choose Derek and he declined the position told The Chief this is your chance to “do it over again”.  So this will be interesting to see how this plays out next season.

Okay Burke-Tina…OMG…Don’t ever let Derek’s mother near anyone with a pair of tweezers!  She removed ALL of Christina’s eyebrows.  Of course that was the least of her problems.  She write her vow’s on her hand, okay not the best place to write them.  Especially when you are surgeon and use to washing your hands without even thinking about it!  Burke memorize his vows and recited them during a surgery, wowing every woman in the OR.  But I sure wasn’t (as I don’t think anyone was) expecting Burke to call it off and just up and leave.

All I know is season 4 is going to very interesting and man it is a long time until September!


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