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Recap: The Other Side of This Life

Posted in Recaps by El Guru on May 7, 2007

This was the first Grey’s episode I have watched in the past couple weeks.  I had been dealing with some family issues so was not able to see the two prior.  But I wanted to be sure I saw this one as it is the pilot for the possible Spin-Off: Private Practice.  I have to admit I think this is the most I have seen Addison since I started watching Grey’s midway through season 2.

I just about died laughing when she stepped into the elevator.  Recall from the Special: Every Moment Counts, Denny’s only regret was he never got to ride in the Seattle Grace elevators or as Addison called them an Aphrodisiac.  All kinds of interesting things always happened in the Seattle Grace elevators.  It got even better when the elevator started talking to Addison.

The staff at the clinic are quite combination and a different but nice mix of people.  Of course there is a lesson to be learned here, never “lend” your car to someone you just met over the Internet.  But then I don’t have a car, so I don’t have to worry about that.

The saga with Burketina continues!  Apparently, Burke didn’t agree with Christina in her wishes for a “small wedding”.  Small as in him, her, Meridith, his best man and the Justice of the Peace.  Or is it because his parents (more like mother) wants the large wedding (the hall sits 200+). Talk about awkward and yet funny when Christina tries to enlist the assistance of Callie to help plan the wedding.  Gets even better when Callie learns she is going to be a brides maid.  Not only does she tell Christina she is not going to wear a dress that is certain color she is not going to wear a bow on her behind either!  Gotta love Callie, she is not afraid to speak her mind.

All in all a fairly light subject/story which is a nice change.  You could tell they are setting this up for a possible spin-off and hopefully ABC will do it.  However,  the last 10 minutes everything changes.  Earlier, Meridith’s step-mother (Susan Grey) visits the clinic complaining of non-stop hiccups, should be simple to fix.  This gives Meridith an opportunity to bond/rebuild the relationship with her father.  Meridith wonders if Susan really has the hiccups or this is a ploy to get her to spend time with her father.  Okay everything was going great and then there was a major plot twist.

I really don’t understand the reasoning for this as hasn’t Meridith been through enough already this season?  Not only did she lose her biological mother she herself almost (well technically she did) drown.  But no, for whatever reasons the writers decided “let’s kill off Susan Grey.”  Now her father is angry at Meridith (cain’t say I blame him, after all it was only “hiccups”) and she is angry with herself.  Heck this ending left me angry and downright confused as well.


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