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Re-cap..April 19, Time after Time

Posted in Recaps by El Guru on April 21, 2007

I am in a state of total awe.  Shonda Rhimes has pulled together a Staff of Writers and Actors that are my words phenomenal.

The voice-over done by Meredith.  HOW true are those words?   History!!!!  We all have one.  We might not want to remember it, we might not want to share it, we might even want to change it.  YET it is there.

Like:  Ava aka Jane Doe,  we all, all of us deep within want to belong to someone, to something.  How sad to think that her family had found her, only to be rejected and then Alex…oh my.   Will be interesting to see how he handles all the tongue lashing she dealt him and how much truth were in the words that Addison shared with him…”creating the perfect woman?”

Meredith & Derek, where oh where,  is their relationship headed?  One can only hope after ALL they have been through that they will weather these rough waters now.

Susan, aka Mrs. Thatcher Grey aka Mer’s fake Mommy…how amazingly honest she was and so poignant with Meredith.  I can only hope she is around for a while longer.  Meredith needs that kind of role model in her life.   Cristina and her “pretty, pretty hands”  how funny to see her wear nail polish.  She sure told Colin Marlowe what to do and where to go …finally.  Whew.  He was getting a bit stalkish.   Dr. Burke loves Cristina for who she is, I believe and embellishes her faults as well as her intelligence.

The Chief  having Mark Sloan,  of all people as his ‘wingman’.  HA!  But then Mark does know the tactics of flirting better than anyone.  Dancing with Addison, the Chief can move when he needs too..heheeee.  His very first time being at Joe’s …I was impressed at how well he handled himself.  Yea for the Chief.

Callie has to know that her marriage isn’t a marriage, don’t you think?  It happened so suddenly and she is always second when it comes to Meredith or Izzie.  Always.

I loved the scene when George demanded to know where Izzie was…I thought Dr. Bailey would slap him upside his head…LOL.  Then he waltzes into the procedure room and tells Bailey he has it…okay.  George sure got brave didn’t he?  Good for him.  I am not for marriages dissolving, but am not for marriages happening that shouldn’t either and him and Callie?  Well in my honest opinion they shouldn’t have married.

Time after Time, our history catches us and then we have the choice to embrace it and move on.  Izzie, she saw her Daughter, gave her a gift again and now can move on.  Again.

Meredith learns the truth that Susan didn’t encourage her Dad to be involved with her life and yet she accepts the kindness Susan is offering.

This show just gets better and better I think.  The layers of emotions that are given us to peel back and even reflect of our own lives.  I read it at the Writers Blog, “We all have a Mother.”  How true is that.   Izzie, her Daughter is there and she once again gets to give her life.  And she had her best friend with her, George.

Remember in the beginning of the show where Izzie says to George, “It is almost like a Do-Over”….I believe we have Do-Overs.   Time after Time.

and this is why iluvgreys…….


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