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Posted in Addison Montgomery, Grey's Characters, Private Practice, Spoilers by iluvgreys on April 13, 2007

April 11, 2007More information has arrived concerning the highly anticipated pre-finale Grey’s Anatomy episode ‘Desire’.  This episode is supposed to more or less set up the events of the finale / spin off pilot that will find Dr. Addison (Kate Walsh) headed for a ‘simpler’ life. When the Grey’s Anatomy finale airs, we’ll not only meet those characters, but get closure on what personal trauma it is that drives Addison away for good.  Read on for the Grey’s Anatomy spoilers!
According to Ausiello at TVGuide,  early reports that the Alex / Addison romance would chill pending Addison’s impending departure are completely off the mark.  In fact, while it might make sense to throw some water on those flames since it can’t possibly go anywhere, the Grey’s Anatomy writers are taking a stab at actually integrating the Addison / Alex hook up into the impetus for Addison’s exit!

I can’t see this, honestly.  I’ve always been annoyed by the Addison / Alex thing personally.  it isn’t one of the more dynamic pairings and it is so rooted in Alex’s narcissicism and shallowness that its just totally painful to watch.  Particularly if your a dude.  On the other hand, Alex and Jane Doe, that holds promise for redemption.

Despite whether I, you, or anybody else thinks it is worthwhile pursuing the Addison / Alex relationship as a segue into Addison’s search for a calmer, more purposeful life, doesn’t matter one bit because that is the way it is going to be.  Let me turn the mic over to Mr. Ausiello for the whole story:

Remember how I told you that Grey’s decided to put the brakes on Addisex due to Kate Walsh’s impending spin-off-fueled exit from the show? Well, it appears either Shonda Rhimes had a change of heart or I was given some lousy intel, because the two of them are definitely doing the horizontal tango before she leaves for Los Angeles. In fact, I hear it’s their little affair that ultimately leads her to flee Seattle. Also not helping matters: McSteamy’s “failure” to stick to his 60-day vow of chastity. Why’d I put failure in quotes, you ask? ‘Cause there’s a twist (and a surprising one at that)!

I swear to god if the “failure” thing has anything at all resembling a need for Viagra, or worse yet, desensitization creams, I’m chalking this up as the worst character transition in history.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image From ABC)


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