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iluvgrey’s re-cap of My Favorite Mistake

Posted in Recaps by El Guru on April 2, 2007

Granted, George & Izzie probably made a HUGE mistake and not one that is going to go away by keeping it a secret.

Here are a few insights I picked up other than the George & Izzie “Mistake”.

how nice would it be, if like Jane Doe we could all pick a face and
start all over (without the physical pain)

not everyone has a 10yr. plan. not everyone wants a 10yr. plan

hovering…helicopters do it, planes do it, and Derek for sure tends to be
doing quite a bit of it where Mer is concerned.

when confessing to someone, (Izzie to Addie) make sure they want to hear
what you need/want to confess

to lose something (as in Mr. Kendry and amputated foot) but to keep
what we have, now that is the solution

reality, for me, is time is not something that can be returned, once it is gone
it is gone and we can only enjoy the time we have

“be kind, rewind” nice plan Cristina had, but only place I ever knew that to work
was in return of rented VHS tapes.

the “right now” plan…now that i can relate to…..

ah ha moments…..

Chief…… when Colin Marlowe tells him he has a 10yr. plan and wants to ‘tweak’
the hospital, his face says…this is my hospital
George…..remembering “mistake” while telling his Fatherinlaw “NO”
Izzie……..hearing Alex when he told her that one doesn’t remember because one
doesn’t want to
Addie…… realizing that Mark does know her (as he offers her advice on not wearing
her glasses in to meet with the board)
Burke…. telling Cristina that he is not the same, he has changed and wants to be
a better man
Derek….. sharing with Chief that he doesn’t know where he will be in 10yrs.
Alex……. smiling and knowing that Addison was right, he had monitored Jane Doe
all day with no complaints
Cristina… that she loves Burke after Colin jabs her again about being a blushing
Miranda… she does have a “RIGHT NOW”
Mark……. using Miranda’s “RIGHT NOW” plan
Mer…….. helping Derek get through his pain…..

For me it was another great GREY’S episode. Making Dead Mommy Proud moments, Be Kind & Rewind lessons, Regaining Time that is gone, Making sure we don’t lose what we have….etc.

As always, layers, multiple layers to peel back and enjoy.


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