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Recap: My Favorite Mistake

Posted in Recaps by El Guru on March 24, 2007

It always amazes me how the writers can get so much in one hour (okay and an hour and a couple minutes).  For that matter how they can weave all these multiple story-lines so seamlessly together into the main plot.  In addition throw in another story line not necessarily related to the main plot just to provide a distraction from everything else that is going on. Okay on with this weeks recap…

I suppose I should begin where I left off last week…George and Izzie.  Izzie is a nervous wreck, she has an idea what happened the night before, but she wonders how much (if anything) George will remember.  Of course George is too busy puking upstairs, downstairs all over the house to recall much anything.  What he does know is he had way too much to drink the night before and that is about it.

Meanwhile back at Seattle Grace,  intervies for the chief position begin.  Dr. Colin Marlowe has a rather thick folder which is “10-year plan” for Seattle Grace.  Now, I was a bit surprised by the Chief’s reaction, “He has a 10-year plan for my hospital!”  The chief was shocked and not in a pleasant way.  But if he is “retiring” what should it matter to him? I suppose he wants to leave a legacy behind for the new chief to follow.

Then there is Burketina.  Christina is trying to comfort or reassure Burke that he still has a chance for the Chief’s position, after all the Chief had told him he wanted Burke to be his replacement.  True, but that was before Burke was shot and had the tremors which he hid.  I have to agree with Burke here, his mistake was not being honest upfront, especially with the Chief about his hand.  This could seriously jeopardize his chances for Chief.  Besides how could he (or anyone else) possibly compete with Dr. Colin Marlowe and his “10-year plan”?

Love him or hate him, you’ve got give  Dr. Colin Marlowe credit though.  His brief conversation with Christina made he realize why she wants to marry Burke and it was not just because he wants to.  Her mistake is just trying to please Burke instead of saying how she felt.  So she tells Burke she wants the wedding “her way”, nothing fancy, formal or overly religious.  It seems Burketina are back together again (for now).

Now we mustn’t forget about George and Izzie.  George looked (and smelled) like crap. He could barley function doing his normal duties.  Callie is now suddenly all apologetic about the night before and suddenly very desperate to salvage the marriage.  George much to his horror would quickly learn we would be meeting his father-in-law a couple short hours during lunch.  Yikes, this could be very interesting.

As it turns out it is very interesting!  As George is standing there with Callie’s father, suddenly everything that happened between him and Izzie comes back to him!   Right about this time is when Callie’s father is saying that he will provide them with a house, car, etc and comments to George about the money. Now, this is where it gets so interesting…I have to wonder if was George’s intention, especially given his condition to stand-up against Callie’s father.  I am thinking his reaction at that time was more in response to the memories from the night before…

Izzie on the other hand is desperaty trying to find someone to talk to about what happened that night.  Of all the people she could talk to, she turns to Addison.  Izzie confesses while what she did may have been wrong, it didn’t feel wrong.  May be it is then she realizes that she does have feelings for George.

Izzie and George do have a brief talk about what happened the night before.  Izzie wants George to come clean with Callie (good idea) on what happened the night before.  George on the other hand wants it to be “their secret” (yet another mistake).  However one wonders how long George is going to be able to keep this from Callie.

We end the night with George lying in bed next to Callie he is thinking about (at least we assume) what happened the night before.  It doesn’t help matters that the stench of his clothes (which are wrapped in plastic) from the night before is still present.  George starts to apologize and I don’t think it was for the stink of his clothes.  Callie though is on such a euphoric high right now because George  stood up for her against her father to really care about the stink.  I am guessing George really wants to clear his conscious but would Callie (while on her high) even believe him if he told her?  George lies there wondering…


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