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And #9 McHottie is..???

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Guy Candy Special #9 Patrick Dempsey

With Brad Pitt at number ten, you can only imagine the treats we have in store for you, including our next piece of Guy Candy. With his piercing blue eyes and perfectly coiffed hair, he single-handedly started a whole McSexy craze. Coming in at number nine, McDreamy himself — Patrick Dempsey.

Whether he’s rugged guy, racing cars or dressed to the nines, no one captures our hearts more than “Grey’s Anatomy’s” hot doc, McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey,

So what makes the ladies swoon over this sexy neurosurgeon? We think it’s all about Patrick’s hair.

“I cant believe how much time I talk about my hair that’s why I wear a hat,” Patrick previously told Access Hollywood.

“Take off the hat,” we suggested while interviewing him.

“No! I have no product in it so I feel vulnerable and naked,” he replied.

Wishful thinking ladies, but as we found out from his colleagues, Patrick’s allure goes beyond the smoldering coif and Marlboro looks.

“Girls ask me ‘what’s he like? What’s he like?’ What they melt over is that he is an amazing husband and father. He breaks my heart. They are the light of his life and that really makes him dreamier,” Dempsey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo told Access.

Photo: McDreamy (ABC)

“I think it’s so overdue,” Katherine Heigl said of all the attention her handsome co-star gets. “Patrick Dempsey! I mean c’mon. He’s so dreamy and so wonderful and so charming and I think it was only a matter of time before Patrick hit it big.”

And he’s come a long way. Let’s not forget Patrick the geek in one of his first breakout roles, 1987s “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Now however, he has become Dashing Dempsey the Chic.

He took home “Dr. McDreamy” man of the year honors as a Cosmopolitan fun and fearless fellow, telling Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson about his own “secret” dream.

“I really wanted to be an Olympic ski racer,” he revealed. “I wanted to be like a bode miller type of guy.”

As for his status as a stud du jour, Patrick takes it all in stride.

“I’m having a blast right now, it’s been a long time coming.

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