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Recap: Scars & Souvenirs

Posted in Recaps by El Guru on March 16, 2007

Yikes as usual another intense episode, granted not as intense as the three-parter a couple weeks ago but still. Where to even begin…I suppose I could begin with the title, Scars & Souvenir. It means something different for everyone. First, the WWII Vet who has had the bullet in his shoulder since the war which has now become infected. He insists someone in his own unit shot him and we wants the recovered bullet to “prove it”.

Then there is The Chief, who can relate what this WWII Vet has gone through. It seems the doctors are doing everything (including stabbing each other in the back, arguing, grand standing, etc) to impress (or may be out-do) Dr. Colin Marlowe who is now another candidate for Chief. Needless to say the Chief is not too happy right now with the behaviour of his doctors.

Of course you want to talk about doctor and behaviour, how about Dr. Colin Marlowe? He did seem a bit “friendly” with Christian, but then we learned they were together for three years while she was in med school. Of course this leads to yet another fight with her and Burke. Burke is upset because she never mentioned Dr. Marlowe and he doesn’t seem to believe Christina just ended the relationship when she left med school. Okay, may be she should have mentioned him to Burke, but she probably never thought a few years later Dr. Marlowe would suddenly appear at Seattle Grace, much less be a contender for the Chief’s position. I somehow don’t see ‘Burketina’ lasting much longer if they continue down this path.

Now for something a little lighter Meridith and her father and step-mother. She invites him and Susan over for dinner in hopes that may be she can smooth things out with them. Well as usual, things didn’t as planned and she ends up bitting his head-off (which she immediately regrets) because he didn’t know it was her in the picture. The whole thing was quite humorously actually and one can say the ice has broken (okay may be cracked) some between them.

Then there is George, who seems to be caught in the middle between Callie and Izzie. First off, I still have to ask why the heck did he and Callie run off to Vegas and get married? So George finally puts two and two together and figures out that either they are getting on heck of a deal the hotel or there is something Callie is hiding from him. Truth is she is loaded, but didn’t want George to know because in the past the money has always caused problems in her relationships. One things leads to another and he casually mentions it to someone else who tells someone else and it slips out when they are talking to Callie.

Callie doesn’t like Izzie (I beginning to wonder if she likes anyone, besides George) and she feels threatened by her. Callie thinks Izzie is secretly has a thing for George. Okay, but doesn’t Callie have a thing (or at least she did) for George? Once again caught in the middle, always the one getting his nose swatted with a newspaper. So Callie kicks George out of the house and where does he end up at Meredith’s (along with Alex and Christina).

I’ve been following the other blogs and this episode’s ending seems to have gotten a lot of peoples panties all in a wad. Here is what we know for sure, Izzie and George got drunk and ended up in bed together. Izzie wakes up, looks and see George (asleep) by her side and then looks under the covers….with a look of shock, disbelief, surprise or was it disappointment?

This is all we know! Many folks automatically assumed based on her expression she wasn’t wearing any underwear meaning her and George had sex. Or could it be an expression of shock, she still has her underwear on and much to her disappoint nothing happened? We don’t know, it is totally open for interpretation, at least until the next episode.


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  1. iluvgreys said, on March 21, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    Great Re-Cap. Looking forward to this week’s episode.

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