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More Spin-Off News: Tim Daly

A little more news is tricking in on the Grey’s Spin-Off:

“Now, the women of Grey’s Anatomy may have to come up with a brand-new nickname now that actor Tim Daly is on his way to Seattle Grace Hospital.Daly, 51, best known for his role on Wings, will appear on a special two-hour episode of the ABC drama that could serve as a springboard for the much-touted spinoff series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.”

Now, I’ve been wondering if Addison were to go into her own spin-off how would they write her off? My best theory has been career change, which looks like the route Grey’s writer Shonda Rhimes is heading…

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is writing the special, two-hour episode, the details of which are being kept under wraps. USA Today reports, however, that the basic gist will feature Addison mulling a new job offer.

I still think is a very risky move on ABC’s part, especially given how well Grey’s is doing. Addison is a big part of that. Recall from the latest episode Some Kind of Miracle, Addison gave Mark an ultimatum, “60 days without sex” (of course he gave the same to her as well). This should be very interesting and will keep an eye out for more info on the spinoff.

News Source: Grey’s Anatomy Insider


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